Not Just Dogs.......


Found by an Upper Darby Police Officer, Delco Dawgs took possession and got all of them to Schuykill Wildlife Center. There they were released back into the wild after being cared for. 


Team members spotted the frogs in the middle of the highway at night. They immediately pulled over and took the frogs off of the road to ensure their safety. 

Cats & Kittens

The mom was found in a sealed box about ready to give birth. She was taken by Delco Dawgs and gave birth shortly afterward. All were cared for after birth, including mom. 


These bunnies were rescued from a Philadelphia slaughterhouse. They were taken care of by Delco Dawgs then given to a local rabbit rescue group. 


Momma duck was run over by a car so Delco Dawgs took the babies home and fed them. Once they had a good meal it was off to Schuykill Wildlife Center. 


A turtle rescued from the street hatched this cutie pie. After time the babies were released into a safe enviroment.