Delco Dawgs Rescue Stories


Odin was found with an injured eye that needed to be removed. Delco Dawgs didn't hesitate in getting him to the vet for emergency surgery. Today Odin is a happy, fun loving, very large Pit Bull living in his forever home. 

Francis/Claire (Great Pyrenees)

 This poor baby was running around Haverford for almost six months. Delco Dawgs, with help from Haverford Township Animal Control were able to trap her. After recuperating at Ivens Vet she was adopted into her forever home. 


Rescued moments before being euthanized. Delco Dawgs had immediate surgery performed on open wounds on his back leg. Wounds that had maggots living in them. He is a big cuddle bug and is currently looking for his forever home.


Delco Dawgs was called about a dog that had been running loose for many days.  We trapped Radar and immediately had him evaluated by a vet. He has a broken hip and is a bit malnourished but is eating well and recuperating at a vet right now. Surgery is scheduled for week of May 10th, 2017 to repair his hip. 


Sherman was rescued from a home where he was unwanted and neglected. He was lethargic and dehydrated when we picked him up. He was immediately taken to the vet and spent the night. Sherman is now living in his forever  home with his new BFF. 


Delco Dawgs was alerted to a dog in danger. After being surrendered by the owners the dog received care and a local rescue helped place her with a loving family. 

Name Unknown

Was found wandering the streets. The dog was found matted, scared and seeing impaired. After some TLC and a good grooming job by our very own Kim, we worked to find the owners and reunite them.